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Put Some Color in your Eyes with ACUVUE 2 COLOURS!

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Have you ever wished you were born with a different color eye? Many people have often wondered what they would look like if they had a different eye color, but believe there is nothing that can be done about it. Sometimes eye color can limit what colors look best on you, which can lead you to avoid some colors that you wish you could wear. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to change your eye color to match your outfit, or to perfectly match your mood? Well with ACUVUE 2 COLOURS, you can do just that. With the creation of ten differently colored ultra-thin comfortable lenses, contact wearers now have the ability to have the eye color they have always wanted and no longer have to settle with the eye color they were born with.


Just about anybody can wear these innovative contact lenses, but they are specifically designed for contact lens wearers who are either near-sighted or far-sighted. However, if you do not need a corrective lens, you won’t miss out on this color-changing opportunity.

People who desire to change their eye color, but do not need a corrective contact lens, can still reap the benefits of the color changing lenses because they are also available with no prescription. If you naturally have blue eyes, you luck out because you have a few more eye color choices to choose from than contact wearers with darker eyes.

Natural blue eye contact lens wearers can wear all ten eye color shades, but they can enhance their blue eyes with ocean blue, aquamarine and emerald green lenses. It's not to say that people with dark-colored eyes couldn’t wear those three particular shades if they wanted to, but often times they look best on lighter colored eyes. The other seven colors of ACUVUE 2 COLOURS lenses are available are for both light-colored and dark-colored eyes, and include sapphire blue, jade green, warm honey, deep blue, chestnut brown, hazel green and pearl gray. To get the maximum benefit of these colored lenses, use your imagination! With all the interesting colors available, it is possible to have a different color eye everyday of the week.

What are the Benefits of ACUVUE 2 COLOURS?

The risk associated with these contact lenses are the same as any other contact lens, so it is important to discuss the option with your eye care professional to make sure the ACUVUE 2 COLOURS lenses are appropriate for you before wearing them. However, they do have benefits that outweigh other colored contact lenses.

Besides being ultra-thin, comfortable and available in ten stunning, natural looking colors, ACUVUE 2 COLOURS also offer contact lens wearers protective benefits from harmful UV rays. ACUVUE 2 COLOURS offers the highest UV protection on the market for a colored lens. The lenses block 88% of UV-A radiation and an impressive 99% of UV-B radiation. The contacts are also easy to put in and are tinted blue, so that you can easily find them in your contact lens case. Each contact lens is designed to last for approximately two weeks, and there are six colored contacts in each box.

Check out all the options ACUVUE 2 COLOURS can give you regarding your eye color.